Wang pengyun, secretary of the communist party of China's communist party of China (CPC), visited the staff of the cadre and workers who hold the post during the Mid-Autumn festival holiday

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On October 1st, the whole nation rejoiced. National Day long vacation first day, Mid-Autumn festival party secretary of China's ten WuYe Wang Pengyun deep part of the secondary units and units at the grass-roots level to see condolences to front-line workers, cadres and workers and production of research inspection units on duty during the holiday work, the work safety in production situation, and on behalf of the company party and government leadership and through them to the company during the festival to you my hearty greetings, stick to the job of the general staff and the season's wishes.

On the morning of the same day, Mr. Wang arrived at the headquarters of wuhan headquarters to get a thorough understanding of the personnel on duty, and exchanged cordial greetings with comrades on duty. Later, Mr. Wang drove to various units in the Yellowstone area to check and investigate.
Just to ten WuYe three metal structure factory, three company secretary of the party committee secretary wang then in ten WuYe Li Gongfang and accompanied by the leaders of metal structure factory to the in-depth workshop check immediately steel structure processing. Within the workshop, when you see each shift of production employees are working overtime to make fujian ningde project of steel structure, the manufacturing site and safety quality control and energy cooperated-builing personnel, secretary wang gave full affirmation. At the same time, wang was watching and guiding the production of the steel structure and the furnace project of the ningde project in fujian province. Later, secretary wang and structure of plant leadership team, carries on the discussion to ningde project of steel structure production and operation situation, personnel organization division of labor, shift production and construction, and two levels of the company "180 days" meeting spirit after the implementation of the report, secretary wang to follow-up work put forward three requirements: one is to do a good job during the period of "two" safety in production, quality, arrange production of front-line workers life, ensure safety and stability during the period of "two"; Second, we should strengthen the construction of the team, increase the recruitment and introduction of talents, train our core mechanics team, and complete the production of steel structure of ningde project. Three is to "go out" to learn from advanced unit of steel construction industry management methods and experience, through improve the internal management and improve process to improve the structure of plant capacity per capita, for the company to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development. At noon, wang checked the food in the structure factory canteen and ate with the workers.
In the afternoon, wang's uncaring tiredness came to the hospital of 15 metallurgy and 15 metallurgical workers. At the company of seven, wang learned about the work on duty during the holiday period and the work safety of the project under construction. He pointed out that this year, the National Day Mid-Autumn festival holiday is longer, and the party of the communist party of China (CPC) is in the process of making the security and stability work a top priority. At the same time, the production and operation of the project is still more burdensome, so we should make full use of the current construction golden period and quickly raise the climax of the fast and dry fast. At the decc hospital, wang asked patients for medical treatment and hospitalization during the festival, and stressed the need for medical care. In addition, wang also heard the report of duty work and safety production during the holiday of various units (including overseas units) outside hubei province by telephone.

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