African companies of 15MCC successfully signed the mineral paste filling station, such as tailings conveying pipeline engineering construction contract

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On the morning of September 23,African companies of 15 MCC  and at the African mining co., LTD formally signed the paste filling station, tailings conveying pipeline engineering construction contract, contract amount is 20 million dollars.
The contract content is mainly to southeast orebody paste filling station construction, water supply and drainage, electrical, instrumentation, process, such as installation and debugging, tailings conveying pipe and pump station, the plant integrated network (excluding mill plant area network and the factory main cable trench), etc.
The given ten WuYe African companies in the southeast of the orebody in the project construction performance and positive as, the two sides has established the good cooperation foundation of mutual trust, which contributed to the contract signed smoothly. African companies will continue to adhere to the concept of high standards, strict requirements and quality, to ensure the market and expand overseas markets.

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