The test operation of the air compressor equipment in 250 area of the RTR project department of the foreign company of China (jin) was successful

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On September 21, local time, the test operation of three air compressor units in the RTR tailings recycling project of the republic of Congo (jin) was successfully completed, marking the success of the pilot project.
It is understood that the project air compressor station of three sets of air compressor unit, the total installed power of 945 kw, the maximum working pressure of 8.5 bar, mainly responsible for the factory all instrument automation equipment to provide clean compressed air power. The unit was produced in 2008. Due to lack of maintenance, the electrical circuit, instrument parts and automatic control parts have been damaged and cannot be used. The RTR project department of the external company, Congo (king), has tested, verified, repaired and reassembled all the units and put them into full use.

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