China's space sanjiang group deputy general manager WuXiaoFeng visiting 15MCC

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On the morning of September 18, wu xiaofeng, deputy general manager of China's aerospace sanjiang group, visited China for 15 years, and wang zhongjun, deputy general manager of China's ten fifth metallurgical corporation, warmly received the company.
During the talks, to mr.wong WuXiaoFeng vice President of the China aerospace sanjiang group in recent years were briefly introduced the industry layout and product advantages, he says, sanjiang group has nearly 30 years of experience in vehicle research and development and production, in the (very) heavy chassis, heavy engineering transport equipment, vehicle, and the development of new energy vehicles have strong production capacity, as China's ten WuYe strategic cooperation partner, hope to provide services for the future development of ten WuYe. Mr.wong said China ten WuYe and China aerospace sanjiang group belong to large state-owned enterprises, have strong correlation in related fields and complementarity, also saw the sanjiang group as a positive transformation of courage and determination, military industrial enterprises as strategic partners, China ten WuYe willing to sanjiang group in the related fields, a new win-win situation. After the talks, the two sides exchanged further information on the purchase of heavy vehicles and other related issues.

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