The certificate is successfully signed in the installation of the RTR project department and the waste electrolyte pool C1

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Local time on September 8, 15MCC foreign companies in Congo (gold) RTR joint owner QA/QC department and engineering department of strong, waste electrolyte pool C1 phase construction for acceptance, in the afternoon, the landlord signed the strong, waste electrolyte pools of C1 certificates of the installation is complete.
It is reported that 15MCC foreign company in Congo (gold) strong RTR project, earthwork excavation and backfilling waste electrolyte pool volume of fifty thousand cubic meters, pool HDPE membrane membrane area of more than forty thousand square meters, and the project owner for South Africa company, executive standard, Australia and South Africa are extremely strict acceptance procedures. Because Congo (king) will enter the rainy season in late October, it will not be able to carry out construction. The project department is faced with three major problems of high engineering, strict acceptance standards and tight deadlines. In order to ensure that the construction period is not delayed, the project department prepared the construction plan to report to the owner for review, carefully organize the construction, rationally allocate the machinery equipment, and the project leader will go to the site to squat. Projects department also organize technical department and QA/QC departments carefully study acceptance standard, especially the HDPE membrane laid the acceptance standard, the standard understand thoroughly, increases with the increasing of construction at the scene inspection, to ensure the construction quality meet the requirements. The strong and waste electrolytic liquid pool C1 installation completed the certificate signing for the C2 phase of the test water laid a solid foundation.

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