15MCC in Ecuador project two blocks tape 2 # ore transfer station earthwork excavation

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In recent days, the excavation of the earth square in the second section of the project ii of Ecuador project, which marks the launching of the two-stage ore long belt system, has been launched.
The second section of the project is located in the high mountains of the andes, connected to the primary mine crushing station, and then connected to the coarse ore. Early roads and clear the table, a flat, high slope of governance construction difficult, such as project department to find a way to actively, the adoption of countermeasures, to overcome difficulties, key assault each working procedure, under the joint efforts of all the fighters, completed the previous road hardening, the management of high slope, etc. All the work. The long tape system startup, bid on two mountain 1 # transfer station, the driver standing items such as construction provides favorable conditions, in order to complete the mountain two blocks to lay a solid foundation for the construction of each item.

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