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Affection Concentrating, Positive Energy Transmitted-Foreign Engineering Branch of 15MCC Lends An Assisting Hand for Its Overseas Stuffs

时间:2013-04-07     浏览:

        Yang Jianxiang, a stuff of foreign branch of 15MCC, donated RMB 100 to He Qian, a technician from Angora Project, whose father on morning of 29th March, although it has missed the deadline. At press time, the donating is still on and the amount of donation is constantly increasing.

        Having known the fact that He’s father has been diagnosed the lung cancer but his family is so needy that they cannot afford the rest expense of medicine and nutrition, the foreign branch has immediately launched the action entitled Lend helping hands, Devote Affection, Donate towards He’s Father. And it proposal         administrative stuffs and labors donating for him. The proposal was positively feedback that Cuanza, Dollar and Chinese Yuan assembled from worksites of overseas projects, even local labors joined the action. It received 58946.5 yuan until 31st March. Leaders of company promised sending the donation to He’s family as soon as possible.

        The action is an epitome of integrating Party construction into production and implementing management with family feeling. To strengthen caring and assisting on stuffs, 15MCC does ideological work to one person or one matter by twinning between leaders of middle level and needy employees, sending letters from home, visit in three situations and talk in five situations. The branch implementing respecting-seniors subsidy in order to conduct stuffs being grateful, caring seniors by practical actions and feedback to society.


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