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     China No. 15 Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “15MCC”) is a large enterprise with diversified development mainly in building industry and concurrently in real estate, mining development and material trade. 15MCC was established in 1953, it was successively subordinated under the State Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, China National Nonferrous Metal Industry Corporation, and State Nonferrous Metal Industry Bureau, and became one member of China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. directly governed by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in the Year 2000. 

        15MCC, with the registered capital of 606,480,000 Yuan and total assets more than 7 billion Yuan, nowadays has more than 20,000 employees, including around 5,000 core management personnel, and is consisted of 12 holding and joint-stock subsidiaries, four regional engineering companies, one mining industry company and one institution & legal entity. Furthermore, 15MCC owns special class qualification for construction general contracting of smelting project; and also seven items of Grade-I construction general contracting qualification for mining, electric power, highway, housing, mechanical & electrical equipment installation, petrochemical and municipal public engineering and five items of professional contracting qualification. Meanwhile, 15MCC is also qualified for foreign economic cooperation and is entitled to undertake the overseas project, implement the labor export and engage in relevant import & export business. 15MCC has been repeatedly rated as “National Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “National Contract-Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise”, “National Advanced Construction Enterprise in Building Industry”, “Class AAA Enterprise of Social Credit for China Engineering Construction”, and also ranked in “Top 100 Enterprise with the Highest Enterprise Competitiveness in China within Building Industry in 2012011”; in addition, 15MCC was awarded with more than one hundred prizes for superior quality, such as Luban Prize, Luban Prize for overseas project, Silver Prize for National High-quality Project, and Provincial & Ministerial Level Prize; also achieved more than 50 national grade and provincial & ministerial grade construction methods, granted with 22 patent rights; and created 12 new records in China. 
        On the premise of insisting upon expanding the building industry with higher capability to fully exert its role as the primary industry, 15MCC gradually opened up the real estate development, mine exploitation and material trading etc., to form into the development pattern involving of four major fields. Therefore, its comprehensive capability and competitive ability are hereupon improved continuously. With respect to the building industry, 15MCC always tends to open up the markets at home and abroad, thereupon its operation scale and production capability are ceaselessly enlarged, and the economic benefit is improved steadily, so that rapid and sustainable development can be realized. Considering the real estate development as the secondary industry, Jintuo Real Estate Company contributed and established by 15MCC actively participates in the market competition, and wins good reputation in various places, for instance Huangshi and Guixi etc., with the volume of commodity housing development reaching new heights. With the establishment of Jincai Mining Company, the capability of 15MCC has been improved additionally; and a batch of professional talents for mining development have been trained and rich experience in mining development has been accumulated. With regard to material trading industry, Jintong Materials Company was founded, to actively carry out autonomous trade, and has grown into an invincible army. 
       15MCC continuously accomplishes the reform and innovation and provides its customers with high-quality products and high-class service by complying with “development with the clients, improvement with the employee and harmony with the society”, following the spirit of “credit, hi-efficiency; specialty, excellence; innovation, competitiveness” and insisting upon the quality policy of “quality comes first and product decides the prestige”. Successively, 15MCC has completed more than 400 large and middle sized projects in more than 30 provinces (municipals and autonomous regions), 100 counties and cities in China, with the compliance rate of project quality 100%. Furthermore, 15MCC also actively implements the strategy of “going-out”, and has undertaken the construction task with the total value more than 10 billion Yuan, in more than 20 countries including Zambia, Angola, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Mongolia and Russia etc., so as to show the capability of the Chinese invincible army with regard to the building industry in foreign countries. By giving full play to its advantage from the special class qualification for general contracting of smelting project, 15MCC has built and completed Hunan Lead-Zinc Base, Hubei Daye Copper Base, Jiangxi Copper Base, Anhui Tongling Copper Base and Shandong Xiangguang Copper Base; and further participated in the preparation of two national standards for copper smelting as the chief editor and also joined in the establishment of 2 national standards for copper smelting as the editor. Thereupon, 15MCC acts as the vanguard in the copper smelting field with respect to China nonferrous metal industry, and wins common reputation from all social circles.
        Standing on the new start point, 15MCC will make every endeavour to rank among the first-class enterprises; fully improve its internationalization capacity, comprehensive management ability, soft strength, risk-resistance capacity and brand influence; vigorously adapt to the global construction market; and contribute to the national construction and also the social progress by virtue of its increasing capability, fearless working team and ceaselessly innovated technology. A diversified, internationalized and humanized management-technique-intensive type modern group is now on its way to century-old-shop vigorously and confidently.